Winter Bucket List for Families

There’s so much excitement to be had in winter, even on the coldest days of the season. Fill your cold and snowy winter with activities from our Winter Bucket List. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

  1. Make snow ice cream
  2. Bake homemade bread
  3. Blow bubbles and watch them freeze
  4. Donate old towels and/or blankets to an animal shelter
  5. Build a snow man
  6. Have a snowball fight
  7. Host a football party
  8. Play a board game
  9. Go to a hockey game
  10. Make snow angels
  11. Have a family movie night
  12. Make stone soup
  13. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway
  14. Camp out in the family room
  15. Drink warm apple cider
  16. Enjoy a reading day
  17. Donate winter wear to a homeless shelter
  18. Make personalized mugs
  19. Enjoy hot cocoa in your new mugs
  20. Bake cookies
  21. Visit a museum
  22. Go ice skating
  23. Make peppermint bark
  24. Do a winter scavenger hunt
  25. Take pictures in the snow
  26. Have a pajama day
  27. Go sledding
  28. Curl up by the fire
  29. Collect pine cones
  30. Make a bird feeder
  31. Build a snow fort
  32. Build a snowman family
  33. Take a snowshoe hike
  34. Have hot chocolate night with a toppings bar
  35. Stay inside, crank up the heat, and have an indoor beach party
  36. Bake cookies and deliver them to friends
  37. Read winter-themed books outside
  38. Cut out snowflakes and hang them on the windows.
  39. Play a game of snow tag
  40. Go for a snowmobile ride
  41. Make snow art by filling a spray bottle with colored water and color the snow
  42. Make homemade snow globes out of mason jars
  43. Have a snow ball target contest
  44. Have a soup potluck with 2 or 3 other families
  45. Host a family game night competition
  46. Make an indoor fort and have a family sleepover
  47. Visit an aquarium
  48. Play with flashlights in the dark inside or outside.
  49. Hunt for animal tracks in the snow
  50. Paint hopscotch onto the snow
  51. Go for a family cross country ski
  52. Pack hot chocolate in a thermos for any outdoor adventure
  53. Take a winter family hike
  54. Catch snowflakes on your tongue and mittens
  55. Have an indoor (or outdoor) dance party
  56. Go geocaching
  57. Go for a swim in an indoor heated pool
  58. Make popsicles that freeze outside
  59. Make homemade hot chocolate in the crockpot
  60. Make smores
  61. Volunteer together
  62. Measure snowfall
  63. Make scented playdough
  64. Visit a new library
  65. Make homemade soap
  66. Take a bath with lots of bubbles
  67. Drink egg nog
  68. Make a care package for the military
  69. Make trail mix
  70. Go indoor rock climbing
  71. Find the perfect sledding hill
  72. Visit an indoor play gym
  73. Go bowling
  74. Go snow tubing
  75. Collect all your change and donate it to a local cause
  76. Learn the maple sugaring process
  77. Make homemade pancakes with maple syrup
  78. Plant an indoor garden
  79. Make homemade marshmallows
  80. Roast marshmallows
  81. Go to a matinee
  82. Make a wreath
  83. Make wrapping paper
  84. Take a horse drawn carriage ride
  85. Donate toys to the less fortunate
  86. Do random acts of kindness
  87. Take a vacation or staycation
  88. Visit a planetarium
  89. Make overnight oatmeal in the crockpot
  90. Make brownies
  91. Dress up fancy for an event
  92. Hit an indoor waterpark
  93. Make it a painting day
  94. Make crafts from cardboard
  95. Go tobogganing
  96. Host a playdate
  97. Play with snow indoors in a water table
  98. Make borax snowflakes
  99. Start a new family tradition
  100. Plan for spring!



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